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Cost-effective WordPress website packages for Vancouver small businesses.

This web design pricing page is for WordPress website packages and add-on services, which can be purchased separately. For website maintenance, blog writing, social media marketing, email marketing, internet strategy, explainer videos or online user manual writing or setup, please contact us for an estimate.


















What's Included?

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Mobile-friendly WordPress theme selection

Security plugin installation and setup

Moderate design customizations with CSS

Email address encryption

Page design, content insertion and styles

Basic keyword research

Basic on-page SEO

Google Search Console setup

Google Analytics setup

Photo and graphics resizing / cropping

Photo and graphics optimization

1 hompage wireframe, 1 inside-page wireframe

1 round of wireframe design changes

Starter - $ 995

Up to 7 Pages

Business - $ 1595

Up to 10 Pages

Business Plus - $ 2195

Up to 15 Pages

The fine print: Costs for domain name registration, website hosting, photos and graphic design are not included in our pricing, though we do resize, crop, and optimize photos and graphics provided. We can help register your domain and refer you to affordable website hosting. Any photos used must be purchased by and supplied by the client. Websessive won’t design your website if photos are scraped from the web or assumed to be “free”.  You must purchase photos or confirm that they are public domain, or free for commercial use or non-commercial use without attribution or permission from the creator. This policy protects you from costly copyright violations and nasty letters from copyright lawyers. Just one image copyright violation can cost you thousands of dollars in out-of-court settlement costs or legal fees. Don’t say we didn’t warn you 😉

Add-On Pricing

Although our affordable WordPres packages look great and perform well, you may be interested in the following add-ons, which get you better ranking and ensure your website is in tip-top shape. Our add-ons are also competitively priced.

  • Google Page Speed Insights Testing & Analysis ($200)
    Why you’d want this: page speed is a Google ranking factor. Google wants its “Googlers” to have a good website browsing experience, so if you please your website’s visitors you also please Google and can earn a ranking bump for doing so.
  • Caching and optimization plugin installation and setup ($200)
    Why you’d want this: increases page speed and provides a better visitor experience. Both are Google ranking factors. When images are cached in the browser and web server, your website’s pages load faster when visited. Image optimization involves reducing the size (in KB) of photos, graphics, CSS, HTML, and scripts used in website design. Smaller image and file sizes mean faster webpage load times and a better experience for your visitors. Again, if you please “Googlers” you please Google, which usually results in increased ranking.
  • Extensive SEO keyword research & keyword spreadsheet ($50 per page)
    Why you’d want this: extensive research means a better chance of finding the right keywords for each page of your website. We track keywords used on each page with tools and create a spreadsheet for page names, URLs, the primary keyword focus of each page, Google search volume (how often/month people search using a keyword), keyword competition scores, title tags and meta descriptions.
  • SEO content writing ($175 per 350 words)
    Why you’d want this: we know how to write the for visitors and search engines. SEO content writing gives your pages a fighting chance at good rankings.
  • SEO editing of content provided ($50 per page)
    Why you’d want this: same as above.

Affordable web design Vancouver - web design packages

Websessive Web Design Costs vs. Average Web Design Costs

Website design package costs vary widely depending on the number pages, features, photos, and graphics. Website pricing also varies depending on whether search engine optimization, SEO content writing/editing, website maintenance, image optimization, speed tests, and other important Google ranking related work is provided.

Asking ‘How much does a website cost?” is like asking “How much does a car cost?”. It depends on the type of car and its features. You also pay for expertise. Experienced website designers charge more than inexperienced designers.

Read the excellent FreshBooks article “How Much Do Web Designers Charge?” to learn more.