Website Maintenance

Website management helps you make the best first impression and increases ranking.

Our Website Maintenance Services

Many Vancouver businesses neglect website maintenance. After some time, content is outdated, things stop working, and the impression visitors are left with is that you do not care. As the saying goes “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” Neglected websites hurt business. Our website maintenance services keep your website in tip-top shape!

Maintaining your website means updating and adding new content, ensuring it stays in step with quickly changing technology, and addressing security vulnerabilities (particularly important for WordPress websites). A well-maintained website works better, increases a visitor’s confidence in your business, and performs better in search engine results pages.

Why Website Maintenance?

Maintaining your website will help your Vancouver business compete. Google and other search engines love fresh, relevant content and well-tuned websites. If your website becomes stagnant, it’s bound to suffer, receiving lower rankings and fewer visitors. If your website is slow, has bad HTML structure or broken elements, visitors won’t trust your business, and, neither will Google.

When you maintain your website, and consistently update content, it’s a signal to Google and your visitors that your business is a “going concern”. From a marketing perspective, an active, maintained website, lets consumers know your business is alive and well and ready to help them.

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What We Do

Content Updates

Update or write and publish new website pages.

Plugins & Security

Update WordPress plugins, create and maintain backups.

Speed Tuning

Ensure your website is fast, so visitors stay. Page speed is also a Google ranking factor.

Ongoing SEO & Updates

SEO optimize all new content including blog posts, promotions, news, services and products pages.

Blog Writing

Write new, fresh content that people read and search engines love.

Photo & Video Gallery Updates

Maintain video galleries and photo galleries.

How Website Maintenance Works

Number 1


Discussion. Questions. Answers

During a consultation, we'll discuss elements of your website you wish to update or maintain. We'll suggest an audit of your website so we can identify and prioritize maintenance tasks.

Number 2

Maintenance Audit

Looking Under the Hood

After a Website maintenance consultation, we'll audit your website and identify required updates and suggest maintenance that will improve its performance, visibility in search engine results pages, and consumer engagement.

Number 3

Maintenance Plan

Monthly Maintenance

We'll create an ongoing website maintenance package that suits your business's needs and ensures that your website is up-to-date with fresh, engaging content that both consumers and Google love.

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