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Cost-effective, safe SEO services for Vancouver-area small businesses.

About Our SEO Services

Websessive provides a range of affordable SEO services to Vancouver, BC clients. We help websites achieve visibility on search engines by employing best practices and avoiding antiquated techniques that persist in search engine optimization. Using safe, effective SEO techniques, your website will stand a fighting chance in Vancouver’s competitive local market. From competitor and keyword research to on-page search engine optimization, we can help.

Google algorithm updates have changed the SEO landscape, penalizing those who still embrace outmoded, spammy tactics. Now, Google and other search engines favour quality, diversity, and naturalness. Our SEO services are created to withstand algorithm changes.

Why You Need SEO Services

It nearly goes without saying that Vancouver businesses that ignore SEO will be relegated to the back pages of Google search results. You need SEO services because your competitors are working hard to increase their website’s ranking and get more traffic. Some of this traffic could be yours, if, and only if, you understand what it takes for your web pages to rank. Websessive SEO will provide you with that understanding and do the heavy lifting.

We understand what has been proven to work and what is a waste of time and money. Get a free SEO consultation and we’ll share with you the secret of success on the Web.

Book a free SEO services consultation. Ask questions. Get answers.

What We Do

SEO Audit

We'll audit your website, make recommendations for SEO improvements, and implement changes that increase ranking.

Competitor Analysis

If your competitors are ranking, we'll find out why. Knowing what is working (and what is not), we'll improve upon their tactics to give you a leg up in your industry.

SEO Keyword Research

Perhaps the most important step in SEO is knowing what keywords people use when doing Google searches. We'll find keywords most appropriate for your business.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is much more than stuffing pages with oft-repeated keywords. Well-written content, good page and navigation structure, and correct use of title and meta descriptions are vital to your website's success.

Blog and Web Page Optimization

Frequently published, well-written blog content is powerful. Every blog post you write can increase traffic and engagement, becoming a landing page for Google searches, and strengthening internal linking.

How our Vancouver SEO Services Work

Number 1

SEO Consultation

Understanding Your Business

During an SEO consultation, we'll ask many questions about your business or website project, your products and services, market and clients. We'll ask you to provide a list of competitors and a list of keywords you think are important in your industry. We'll do our own research, too!

Number 2

SEO Audit

How's Your SEO Now?

We'll provide an exhaustive SEO audit of your website. The SEO audit will identify weak on-page and off-page ranking factors and make recommendations for improvements.

Number 3

On-Page Optimization

Subtle, Spam-Free SEO Editing

We'll select keyword targets, assign them to pages, and edit your content and HTML for optimal visibility.

Number 4

Google Analytics

Insight & SEO Performance Metrics

We'll set up your website on Google Analytics so we can assess the outcome of SEO tactics and measure performance.

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