Web Page Speed Test Revisited

A few months back, I wrote an article about Web page speed optimization. I just received an email announcement from Neil Patel of QuickSprout about his new wicked-cool website analyzer. The analyzer provides an excellent, detailed overview of on-page ranking factors that affect SEO performance and website page speed which can affect bounce rates. I though I’d give it a whirl and retest the Websessive Media Design website. Why is page speed important? A fast loading website makes Google happy and if Google is happy your website might get a bump in SEO ranking performance, but, more importantly, you’ll decrease bounce rates and increase visitor retention.

The QuickSprout website analyzer provides quick feedback and recommendations for website speed improvements and SEO improvements. Though I see some differences between results returned from the QuickSprout analyzer, Pingdom Tools speed test and Google PageSpeed, it does a great job of reminding you what’s important on-page and provides some excellent suggestions for improvement. For example, having just relaunched websessive.com, I hadn’t done a page speed test since making major changes and knew I needed to re-optimize some png images and correct a few on-page SEO details like beefing up headings and correcting my homepage title tag length.

Keep in mind that the “keyword” section is just a list of repeated keywords by weighted by use/repetition. Obviously, you cannot focus on every keyword pairing repeated or found. Your site and pages will have an overarching keyword focus. What you want to see is ticks beside keywords you have intentionally targeted. If they aren’t present or have a big black “X”, you may want to rethink your page content.

Websessive web page speed score comparisons

SEO Score: A+
Web Page Speed Score: 69% (it’s cached apparently but has been improved)
Visit the QuickSprout website analyzer.

Pingdom Tools
Speed Score: 91% and faster than 91% of sites tested (it is coincidental that these two percentages are equal)

Visit the Pingdom Tools analyzer.

Google PageSpeed
Desktop speed score: 91%
Mobile speed score: 79%
Visit Google PageSpeed Analyzer.

These free tools are great for keeping yourself in check. I know that with my lengthy to-do list some things drop off the checklist or get pushed down. Tools and checks are a must. By the way…subscribe to Mr. Patel’s QuickSprout. Great reading and schooling in the art of SEO and Web Marketing even if you don’t use his services.

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