Are You a Vancouver Web Marketer’s Dream Client?

Are You a Vancouver Web Marketer’s Dream Client?

Recently, a potential social media marketing client with a Vancouver-based company emailed me asking for a quote. I explained in my response that a consultation would be required before I could provide a quote for Internet marketing services. Websessive provided an outline, describing in point form the importance of ongoing social media and content marketing in any plan, citing the 2013 SearchMetrics Google Ranking Factors whitepaper and providing a link. I don’t want clients to accept everything I say. I want clients to read information that supports what I am saying.

The response from this would-be client was that he just wanted a quote and didn’t have time for consultations. Realizing that many business owners are very busy people, I responded explaining that some involvement, not just in the planning stage, but throughout, would be vital for the success of any Web marketing plan. I haven’t heard back from this client and likely won’t. Why? This person wanted one thing: hand over money, get results. If only the equation was that simple.

If an Internet marketer doesn’t want your involvement, doesn’t provide a thorough consultation, doesn’t attempt to understand your goals and your business and is fine with taking your money and promising results, you’d be wise to go elsewhere.

Who is a web marketer’s dream client?

A web marketing dream client participates in their own success. No longer can clients expect results with pay-and-go-away thinking. The days of blasting low quality content into the ether or buying backlinks from dubious “Internet marketers” are over.

Google has made it clear that what wins (post Penguin and Panda updates) is quality, not quantity. The Searchmetrics annual Google ranking whitepaper illustrates that content sharing (quality content sharing) and strong  and active social media participation are increasingly becoming vital ranking factors—a close second to a natural, high quality backlink profile.

Client participation doesn’t have to involve hours each month, but success depends on some involvement in planning stages and also throughout the campaign. Internet marketing campaigns are most successful when clients

  • see consultation as integral to success and a chance to educate the Internet marketer;
  • are willing to educate themselves (with guidance from the Internet marketing company) about Internet marketing;
  • understand that they are experts in their particular field and are the marketer’s most valuable resource;
  • are willing to take time to answer question about their business, their competitors and their goals;
  • actively, even if minimally, participate in the marketing plan throughout the campaign, and;
  • understand that Internet marketing isn’t a frill but a vital part of their overall marketing efforts

I have to pay for web marketing and do work?

Well…yes and a little. Certainly, the web marketer will be be building and executing the online marketing plan, but you’ll provide the bricks. You may not realize it, but you are an expert. Your main job as an expert is educating the marketer. You know about your business, your products, your services, clients, and competition. This knowledge is the foundation of the marketing plan and participating in Q ‘n A with your Web marketer helps her shape the marketing plan, develop content, and understand what will yield the best results.

Resources for would-be web marketing clients

The following resources will ensure you understand what web marketing is (and what it isn’t):

Social Media Marketing for BC Businesses
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