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Why do you need social media marketing for your Vancouver business? According to Searchmetrics Google Ranking Factors studies, "Social signals remain important for brand awareness and help to drive organic traffic."

About social media marketing

In an attempt to serve searchers more relevant information, Google penalizes websites that employ arcane techniques like link buying, link farms, and low quality content publishing. To help gauge the relevance of a website and determine its ranking position, Google has added social network signals to its ranking algorithm as evidence of a website's trust and authority. In essence, if people are talking about your brand, sharing your content, and interacting, then your brand and website must have value. Increasing social signals and being actively engaged (consistently) on social media increases perceived value of your Vancouver website.

What can we do?

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You need social media marketing

Because social content sharing has been proven to increase brand visibility, customer loyalty and ranking, Vancouver business's can't afford to miss the opportunities offered by this Swiss-army knife of marketing. Get a free consultation with Websessive and we'll create a social media marketing package that works for you - no matter your goals. Find out why social media, including content marketing, is a fast-growing and necessary tool for marketing, customer service and SEO.

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Social media marketing process

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During a consultation, we'll determine a suitable approach to social media marketing for your Vancouver company. We'll ask many questions about your goals and get to know your services, products and/or area of expertise. We'll assess your competitors' social media presence and the effectiveness of their strategy, then we'll craft a plan that will be most effective for you.

Our social media packages often include social media setup, branding, rebranding followed by monthly or bi-weekly blog and social media posting. The main hub of your social media presence will be your blog. If you don't have one, we'll create it, and everything we write and post to your blog will also be summarized on social media channels, increasing volume, presence and traffic for for your main website.

Tailored social media marketing requires a consultation to determine pricing. You'll get excellent value by choosing a blog writing and social media package.