You need SEO for your Vancouver website, but not old-school SEO. Keyword stuffing is dead. In the new SEO landscape, judicious on-page optimization coupled with blogging and a strong social media presence win the ranking wars.
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About our SEO services

Websessive provides a range of  SEO services to Vancouver, BC clients. We help websites achieve visibility on search engines by employing best practices and avoiding antiquated techniques that persist in search engine optimization. Recent Google algorithm updates have changed the SEO landscape, penalizing those who still embrace outmoded, spammy tactics. Now, Google and other search engines favour quality, diversity, and naturalness. Our SEO services are created to withstand algorithm changes. Using safe, effective SEO techniques, your website will stand a fighting chance in Vancouver's competitive local market.

What can we do?

SEO audit
Competitor analysis
Keyword research
On-page optimization
Blogging & social media posting

Why you need SEO services

It nearly goes without saying that Vancouver business that ignore SEO will be relegated to the back pages of Google search results. You need SEO because your competitors are working hard to increase their ranking and get traffic to their websites. Some of this traffic could be yours, if, and only if, you understand what it takes to rank. Websessive SEO will provide you with that understanding. We follow Searchmetrics ranking factors studies. We understand what has been proven to work and what is a waste of time and money. Get a free consultation and we'll share with you the secret of success on the Web.

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Our SEO process

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Your involvement is a necessary ingredient in helping you understood what is required to achieve good SEO ranking in the Vancouver market. A good starting place is your ranking competitors' websites. Take a close look at competitors that are in the top 10 of Google search results and get a sense of what a well-ranked website looks like. We aren't asking you to do your own SEO, but we are recommending that you know your competitors websites. What pages do they have? What are they publishing on their blog? Do you see them on social media? Is their website mobile-friendly? Is their content well written?

During an SEO consultation, we'll ask many questions about your business or endeavour, your products and services, your market and your clients. We'll ask you to provide a list of competitors and a list of keywords you think are important in your industry.

With our questions answered, we'll begin with keyword research, ensuring that the keywords chosen are relevant and being used by Google searchers. We'll look at your competitors and analyze their strategy. We'll then draft detailed recommendations. With recommendations approved, we'll begin implementation.

While some of our Vancouver SEO services, such as as on-page optimization are one-time services, others are ongoing. Generally, an audit will be completed in weeks. Implementation depends upon the size of your website. It may take just a couple of weeks or it could take a few months.

SEO pricing depends on the services you choose and the number of pages being optimized. Related services, such as blogging and social media posting may cost between $500-1000/month. One-time, on-page SEO can range between $500-$3000 or more and is largely dependent on the how many pages we will audit and optimize. A consultation will determine price. Our SEO packages offer the greatest value.