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About SEO & Web Content Writing

Websessive web content writing and SEO content writing services help Vancouver businesses attract customers and search engines. Our web writing services will enhance your message, helping you communicate, sell, and attract visitors and customers. Web content writing is not spammy or repetitive. Good web writing flows naturally and yet is focused on keyword targets that Googlers use in their searches. Good web writing is tailored to suit your website, niche and audience. Web writing is often performed in conjunction with search engine optimization services.

Why You Need This Service

Many Vancouver website owners believe that writing web copy is something anyone can do. “Why would I hire someone to write when I can do it?” they may think. Web content and SEO writing are not as simple as one might believe. Website visitors read differently than people reading printed material, and moreover, a web writer understands marketing copy, reader behaviour, search engines, proper HTML markup, and on-page ranking factors. Websessive may start with web content you have written, but usually, at the very least, a web edit is required.

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What We Do

Web Page Writing

Well-written focused web page content writing for people and search engines.

Product & Service Writing

Websessive creates persuasive product or service page copy that clearly defines benefits and entices reader to take action.

Blog Writing

Well-written blog content attracts visitors and performs well in search engines. Your blog may be your website's most powerful asset.

Social Media Content Writing

Our strong social media writing maximizes likes, shares and click-through rates

Email Marketing Writing

We write email marketing content that people want to read, increasing click-through rates and reducing unsubscribes.

How it Works

Number 1

Web Writing Consultation

Understanding Your Goals & Voice

A consultation allows us to understand your goals. Whether you are selling products or services we need to know about your business, clients or customers, industry and competitors.

Number 2

Web & SEO Writing Audit

What's in a Word?

We'll audit existing web content and keyword targets and provide recommendations for improvement that we will implement.

Number 3

SEO Editing & Writing

Let the Writing Begin

Letting our analysis guide us, we'll SEO edit or write web content and structure HTML for optimal usability and search engine visibility.

Number 4

Content Publishing Cycle

A Plan for Fresh Content

We'll recommend a content publishing cycle involving your blog and social networks. Fresh content will help your website compete.

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