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An internet strategy consultant helps Vancouver-area businesses and individuals devise a holistic web marketing strategy involving all aspects of your business from your website design, branding and voice to competitive factors such as search engine optimization and keyword research, competition data, online lead funnels and online marketing channels.

Internet marketing strategies are not one size fits all. Strategies that work for one company may not be suitable for another. An internet strategy consultant assesses the company’s goals, assets and competitive landscape to create a suitable, recyclable and scaleable plan that helps the company reach its goals.

Why an Internet Strategy Consultant?

Getting a foothold in the competitive Vancouver market is challenging. Consider the reality of Google searches. Only ten results appear on page one of search results, and, Googlers don’t often click past page two. Only ten companies, among thousands, can rely on Google organic search to drive business leads. For others, Adwords can help, but for many, is too costly. That’s where strategy helps.

An online marketing strategy must support the business’s goals, but must also be realistic and achievable. An ad-lib marketing approach is a hit-and-miss effort, at best. Websessive creates formalized strategic plans that map out what to do, where and when to do it, and, how to measure its success.
Let Websessive develop a web strategy for success.

What We Do

Company Assessment

We get to know your company's strengths, goals, products, services, and current market position.

Competitor Research

We evaluate competitors to understand their value proposition, strategy and standing in the market.

Detailed Strategy Planning

We identify marketing channels and develop workflows. You'll know who, what, where, when and why.

Channel Marketing

Channel marketing may include website design, SEO, blogging, social media, email marketing and advertising.

How it Works

Number 1


We Get to Know Each Other

During an online strategy consultation, we'll ask questions and provide feedback and guidance. We'll get to know your company, products, services and goals.

Number 2

Competitor Analysis

Who's Doing What, Where?

Knowing your competitors is vital to your business's success. We'll assess your competitors' online strategies to determine what is working (and not working) for them and what may work for you.

Number 3

Strategy Development

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

We'll develop a detailed plan including which marketing channels your company should use and how to use them. We'll create a workflow that details the 5 Ws.

Number 4


Putting the Plan into Action

We'll put the strategic plan into action. This may involve website design or re-design, web content writing, social media posting, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

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