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A mobile web design for your Vancouver, BC business can be the difference between being seen or being ignored. With up to 1/2 of searches coming from mobile devices, a mobile site is a must! Receive a free mobile web design quote.

About our mobile web design services

Whether you have a website that isn't mobile-friendly or you'd like a mobile website design but don't know where to start, we can help. Websessive creates mobile websites from scratch or can find and customize an out-of-the-box mobile theme - making it very much your own. Websessive's mobile websites are designed to be user-friendly and will work on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones.

What can we do?

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Let's talk mobile

There's a lot to understand when considering mobile web design for your Vancouver, BC business or personal website. All mobile websites are not created equally. A conversation about what you are trying to achieve will start the ball rolling. We provide a free consultation to ask questions and get to know the goals and the requirements of your mobile website project.

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Receive a free, 30 minute consultation. We’ll guide you to the right choices for your website project.
Free Consultation

Mobile website design process

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Because there are so many mobile web design options, you may find it helpful to narrow the field of possible choices by visiting other websites either within or outside of your industry, or check out some design galleries. Consider the look and feel of your mobile website. What colour scheme or design do you think best expresses your intent? Make a wish list of all the features you'd like. Do you need contact forms, e-commerce, photo or video galleries, images? Would you like to be able to update pages and content yourself? Do you need web hosting or a domain name?

We provide a free consultation as a first step because understanding your needs is the most important part of the process. We'll get to know your company or endeavour and we'll ask many questions about your short-term and long-term goals. We'll let design flow not only from your personal tastes, but also from what would be most appropriate given your business, type of clientele or visitors. We'll visit your competitors and peek under the hoods of their websites and see where we can make improvements. Every step of the way, Websessive will guide you and answer questions.

The most successful mobile website designs begin with a plan. Whether the plan is a wireframe - a diagram of how your website will function - or a detailed sketch or graphic doesn't much matter as long as a plan takes into account all of the "things" that your website will have. From designing section structure and navigation to "hero" images, value propositions and calls to action, we'll diagram the website before design and coding begins.

With a plan in hand, the design and build stage is much smoother. Once the site is designed, coded, and approved by you, it will be tested and readied for launch.

With desktop and mobile testing completed, we'll launch your website. We'll then add Google Analytics tracking code and add your website's sitemap to Google Webmaster tools so Google can crawl and index pages.

Mobile web design pricing can vary greatly. Because no two websites are the same, it's difficult to provide an estimate without a thorough consultation. Our mobile web design pricing can range between $1500-$15,000 or even more. Typically, Websessive websites average a few thousand dollars. You'll get the greatest value by choosing a website package.