Help Guide Services

User Documentation Writing

Your SAAS application’s help guide can mean the difference between retention and high user abandonment. Websessive structures and writes self-service knowledge bases for publishing in popular online help guide apps like Zendesk, Zoho desk, Salesforce Desk and Freshdesk. Get your users up and running quickly with an easy-to-understand online help guide.

The success of your application or process requires a smooth, frustration-free user experience. When users can’t understand how to use your app, find what they need and get started quickly, they’ll find another vendor. Websessive’s help guide writing and structuring can prevent abandonment and improve customer retention.

Why You Need Help Guide Services

A mistake many cloud application vendors make is assuming users will “just get it”. While your developers and insiders may find your application “intuitive”, they know it! Assuming your users will have the same experience is a danger to your bottom line. If you are serious about a smooth onboarding experience, reducing customer churn and increasing retention, you’ll invest in a well-written, sensibly structured help guide.

Need help with your help guide? We can…well…help guide you 😉

What We Do

Help Guide Writing

We write easy-to-understand help guides with step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions. Get users up and running quickly!

Help & User Documentation Structure

We create intuitively structured HTML help guides that increases user comfort and reduce frustration.

HTML Help Guides

We can structure and write help guides for popular self-serve help applications or with custom HTML/CSS.

Screenshots & Screencasts

We'll create labelled screenshots and/or screencast how-tos with voice overs that show and tell users how to use your app.

How it Works

Number 1


You, Your App & Websessive

During a consultation, we'll get to know your company, your app, and your goals. We'll ask questions. You'll ask questions. We'll get enough information to formulate a plan.

Number 2

Application Orientation

Give Us the Keys. We'll Drive

To write about your application, we need to use it. We'll require an orientation and will learn your application from the ground up, taking notes along the way.

Number 3

Work Period

Writing. Review. Write

We'll begin by creating a structure (the TOC) for your help or user guide. The structure will provide a road map for writing. Once the structure is in place, we'll write the help guide - complete with screenshots, step-by-step instructions and screencasts.

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