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About Vancouver Email Marketing

Websessive’s Vancouver email marketing services include everything you need to run successful email campaigns. Whether you have a subscriber list or need one and would like to start email campaigns to increase sales, enhance customer service or increase brand loyalty, we can help.


Why You Need Email Marketing

According to WordStream statistics, 59% of email marketers say email is their most effective revenue-generation channel. SalesForce reports that “44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email”.  There is no denying the power of email. Need further convincing that your Vancouver business should use some form of email marketing?  Read on.

Get more customers. Increase sales. Email marketing can do that!

What We Do

Subscriber List Buildinig

We'll help you build your subscriber list using web forms both on your website and on social media.

Newsletter Management

If you have a monthly newsletter, we'll manage email marketing and create targeted campaigns to increase leads and sales.

Email Campaign Management

Increase brand loyalty, promote sales, services and events. Share content that gets opened.

Marketing Automation

Trigger automatic email workflows based on user behaviour. Automated email marketing increases efficiency, saves time and boosts sales.

List Segmentation

We'll create segments so you can deliver targeted campaigns that result in increased opens and clicks.

Email Writing

Most email writing is boring sales copy. We'll craft interesting copy that subtly sells products/services while offering something of value to readers.

How it Works

Number 1

Email Marketing Consultation

Your Goals. Your Business

Before we provide a proposal and estimate for email marketing services, we'll give you a free consultation. We'll get to know your business and goals so we can determine how email marketing can help.

Number 2

Proposal & Estimate

What and How Much?

We'll write an email marketing proposal and estimate. You'll know exactly what you are getting and at what cost. We stick to our estimates and there are no hidden fees.

Number 3

Campaign Management

Create. Send. Analyze

We create one-time campaigns or email marketing automation workflows. From writing and editing, graphics creation, spam filter testing and sending, we do it all.

Number 4

Analyze & Refine

Learning from Data

Once the campaign is sent, we'll track engagement and assess what is working and what needs improvement. Each campaign is a learning opportunity used to increase the performance of future campaigns.

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