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Vancouver Ebook Design Services

Websessive provides ebook design services in Vancouver and BC. Our ebook services include everything you need to distribute ebook content on popular publishing platforms. If you have fiction, non-fiction, courses or other material in word processor format and require cover design, formatting and conversion to ebook formats, we can help.

Why You Need Ebook Design

Frequently, writers have great ideas and content in other formats (MS Word for example) that they’d like to convert to ebook. While online ebook design software does exist, they still have a learning curve and are limited in their features. Ebook formatting and conversion is complicated by the fact that each ebook format has different configurations (mobi vs. epub for example). MS Word and other word processor documents usually require extensive clean up and reformatting to pass various ebook validators. Ebooks that do not pass validation, cannot be published.

Let Websessive design and publish your next ebook.

What We Do

Ebook Cover Design

An eye-catching cover is one of the most important elements of ebook marketing. An ebook cover attracts buyers and hints at the contents.

Ebook Conversion

Work written in popular word processors must be cleaned up and reformatted using ebook styles before they can be compiled into valid ebook format.

Ebook Formatting

Most people don't realize that ebooks use HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Websessive creates clean, attractive ebook styles that users enjoy reading.

Ebook Structuring

Our ebooks are created with the reader in mind, complete with table of contents, chapters and indices and easy-to-read fonts and formatting.

Ebook Compiling & Distribution

We create ebooks and compile them as mobi and epub formats for popular distribution channels such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook and Kobo.

How it Works

Number 1


Understanding Your Goals

We get to know you and your goals. Whether you are writing fiction, non-fiction, learning materials or guides, a consultation allows us to understand your work and suggest the best way to present it.

Number 2

Proposal & Estimate

What and How Much?

We'll provide a written proposal and estimate for ebook design and formatting services. You'll know exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost. We stick to our estimates!

Number 3

Work Period

Working with Your Input

During the work period, we'll submit ebooks drafts so you can see the progress and suggest changes.

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Hand Off & Distribution

Self Publishing Made Easy

We deliver your ebook in the required format. You can publish them yourself, or, we can handle distribution on ebook stores such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook and Kobo.

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