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Our Vancouver blog writing service is a powerful way to attract visitors, retain customers and fortify website ranking.
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Websessive's blog writing service creates fresh content that your website visitors will want to read. Blogging is powerful because it helps win battles on several web fronts. First, blog posts can target very specific keywords. Where your website's main pages generally don't change much, your blog provides infinite entry points to your website. Secondly, blog posts become fodder for social media marketing, increasing backlinks, traffic, and social noise that helps your website compete in search engine results pages. Finally, good blog writing is a great way to communicate with customers and would-be customers.

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Why you need blog writing services

Though blogging has great power as a marketing tool, most people are too busy to blog. Our Vancouver blog writing service ensures that you have great content that will be loved by people and search engines. Blogging is like the Swiss Army Knife of web marketing. It has many functions to help your website survive. If you publish great content consistently, your website will perform better in search results. Blog posts help establish you as an authority, strengthen internal website links, and work hand in hand with social media marketing. All things being equal, a website with an active blog performs better than one without a blog.

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Our blog writing process

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First, we'll provide a free consultation so we can get to know your goals. We'll see how your top ranking competitors are using blogging and social media and will improve upon their strategies. Once we've provided a consultation and completed research, we'll make recommendations and provide an estimate.

The length of time it takes to craft a well-written blog post, publish it on your website and summarize to social media is variable. With our blog packages, we publish once, twice or three times per month.

After researching subject matter, performing keyword research, and writing the blog post, we submit it to you for approval. After one round of changes, we publish the post to your blog and then link to it from social media accounts.

Our blog writing services prices are approximately $200 per post when purchased one at a time. You get discount prices by purchasing a blog writing package.