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There are a lot of kooky services on from women that will video themselves dancing whilst holding your company sign to people who will provide a fake review of your products and services. However, amongst the zany and risky there are some services that Vancouver small business website owners should consider.

Two such services are explainer videos and whiteboard animations. Recently, we wanted a whiteboard video describing the benefits of our Vancouver web design services. That video is on the homepage but you can also download the MP4 here. The video won’t threaten Scorsese, but then again, the cost for producing the video was just less than $60. “Isn’t that over five dollars?”  you may be asking. Why, yes, but while there are some services that are five bucks and that’s it, most services have add-ons that you pay for. In the case of this video, the whiteboard was $5 per 30 words of script and then about $50 to sync my voice-over to the whiteboard.

Why would I want whiteboard or explainer videos?

Videos have very practical purposes that benefit both your customers and your website’s visibility/traffic, including:

  • providing easy-to-follow company overviews
  • providing service overviews
  • describing a process
  • providing SEO benefits of self-hosted and/or YouTube video.

There is benefit regardless of whether the video is embedded from your YouTube channel or whether you self-host. If you embed a whiteboard video from your YouTube channel and that video gets views and is linked to, the video rich snippet (the thumbnail preview of the video) may rank for the term that particular video is optimized for. The downside is that if someone clicks the preview they are taken to YouTube not your domain.

Though it’s sometimes more difficult to get a self-hosted video snippet to appear in Google blended search (often easier with long-tail terms) it can happen. Having multimedia such as video also appears to provide a small ranking boost according to SearchMetrics 2013 Google ranking factors(PDF) whitepaper. Back in 2009, Forrester research released a study that suggested that pages with embedded video were 50 times more likely to get a page 1 ranking than the same page without video. Though the study is a little dated, I still think it optimized video can increasing ranking. If you are interesting in using the power of video marketing, read about Websessive Media social media marketing services.

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