Google Announces Responsive Web Design Tool

Google Announces Responsive Web Design Tool

On June 4th, Google’s Vice President of Display Advertising, Neal Mohan, announced¬† “Google Web Designer” at thinkDoubleClick, Google’s annual display advertising industry event.

Google Web Designer will empower creative professionals to create cutting-edge advertising as well as engaging web content like sites and applications – for free Neal Mohan, Google

There has been some speculation on the Web about exactly what Web Designer is. Some have described it as competition for Adobe’s fairly new product Edge Reflow, which is a WYSIWYG rapid prototyping tool for creating responsive websites.

Mohan made the Google Web Design announcement on the DoubleClick blog though he does not go into specifics about exactly how the program will function. Digging a little deeper, I watched the thinkDoubleClick event video posted on its YouTube channel. Here’s a mostly verbatim transcription of what Mohan had to say about the new tool:

It’s a tool that allows modern designers to create and build creative in HTML5, CSS3, and build that creative such that it can run across all modern browsers and all devices…getting us much closer to the dream of building once and running everywhere. This is a product that will be freely available, downloadable by all of our creative agencies. It will be integrated with doubleClick Studio and adMob, but can also function as a standalone product. Neal Mohan, Google

Although it seems that Web Designer will focus on helping web designers build responsive mobile ad creative (thus its integration with DoubleClick Studio and adMob), it’s the “as well as engaging web content like sites” (from the first quote) and “but can also function as a standalone product” (from the second quote) which hint that the tool may have functionality similar to Adobe Reflow. We’ll wait and see. I’ve tried Reflow (will review it one day soon) so I’m interesting to see whether Google’s free offering will compete. Reflow is available as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

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