Web Marketing

Social media marketing means many things to many people but its main goal is quite simple: drive traffic to a website to get conversions (however you define a conversion). Traffic, however, is not the only benefit of social media marketing. The other side of the coin is what your activity on social media sites can do for your Vancouver BC business website, or, more specifically, your business website's presence on Google and other search engines. "Ya, ya, sure...blah. It's not for me," you may be thinking.

Recently, a potential social media marketing client with a Vancouver-based company emailed me asking for a quote. I explained in my response that a consultation would be required before I could provide a quote for Internet marketing services. Websessive provided an outline, describing in point form the importance of ongoing social media and content marketing in any plan, citing the 2013 SearchMetrics Google Ranking Factors whitepaper and providing a link.