Tips for Website Design Owners

Craigslist ad for web designIf you are considering hiring a freelance web designer in Vancouver, there are many to choose from and all are competing for similar clientele. I was on Facebook a few days ago and saw an ad for a web design company (a freelancer really) who was promising responsive, mobile-friendly design for around $900. Always curious about what other website designers are doing, I visited their website.

Is your website a keyword cannibal? Keyword cannibalization is an SEO term that describes what happens when you have more than one page targeting the same keyword. For example, let's say you have a page on your garden shop website with title, heading, and keyword focus "potted shrubs". You want people to find you when they use that term in search. At some point, you decide to write a blog article about caring for potted shrubs and inadvertently (or even intentionally) you also use the keywords "potted shrubs" in the title, heading, and throughout the blog post.

In April of 2010, Google announced that website speed is being incorporated as a signal in Google's ranking algorithm. According to Matt Cutts, it doesn't carry that much weight, effecting only 1% of search queries. According to Cutts there are about 200 ranking signals, so a website ranks well when it meets as many of the ranking criteria as it can.
Frequently, would-be website owners hire a web designer without educating themselves first. They need a website for their Best Blue Widget store, they get some quotes, settle on a price and want to start the process immediately. With web design, as with any other important and potentially costly undertaking, it is wise to be patient. Making decisions hastily and lurching forward recklessly without first becoming an aware consumer, results in poor choices, poor execution, frustration, disappointment and cost.