Since Google rolled out its Penguin update in April of 2012, there has been divergent opinion on exact-match anchors in on-page SEO efforts. I've read articles by some SEO specialists suggesting that exact-match anchors in on-page SEO is bad. Certainly, it is widely accepted that exact-match anchors (the text that is the link) are a bad thing if overdone in backlinks from external domains. In Google's view, it's not natural. A website would have diverse backlink anchor text. What about on-page anchors?
In April of 2010, Google announced that website speed is being incorporated as a signal in Google's ranking algorithm. According to Matt Cutts, it doesn't carry that much weight, effecting only 1% of search queries. According to Cutts there are about 200 ranking signals, so a website ranks well when it meets as many of the ranking criteria as it can.

YouTube isn't just for rants, fail videos and conspiracy theorists. If you have a business website in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, you've likely considered SEO services as a way to increase visits and sales. You may have heard that YouTube is great for SEO but question how and why you would use it. YouTube is a powerful web marketing tool for many reasons: