In April of 2010, Google announced that website speed is being incorporated as a signal in Google's ranking algorithm. According to Matt Cutts, it doesn't carry that much weight, effecting only 1% of search queries. According to Cutts there are about 200 ranking signals, so a website ranks well when it meets as many of the ranking criteria as it can.
The following web design time lapse demonstrates the decision making involved in a design session. The feeling of anticipation a web designer has when facing a blank design program screen is probably not unlike the feeling a painter has when facing a blank canvas. I dare not compare my work to fine art, but there are elements that are similar. Starting is the hard part. You begin with the germ of an idea and myriad of images dancing in your head.

YouTube isn't just for rants, fail videos and conspiracy theorists. If you have a business website in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, you've likely considered SEO services as a way to increase visits and sales. You may have heard that YouTube is great for SEO but question how and why you would use it. YouTube is a powerful web marketing tool for many reasons:

If you are like many business owners, you spend time thinking of how to get more customer and how to answer the many questions would-be customer might have. You can sit back and wait for clients to come to you and you can wait for them to call or email with a question, but that method, particularly in a world where most businesses have a website, is inefficient and time consuming. That's where online live chat support helps.

This week, the International Symposium for Online Journalism (ISOJ) discussed what Responsive Web Design means to online journalists. In a year that Mashable is calling the "Year of Responsive Web Design", online journalists are asking, well...maybe even imploring with vehemence, the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) to change their fixed-sized advertisement standards to adapt to this flexible, liquid world of the scalable web. Many news agencies are adopting responsive web design, but because Internet ads are fixed sizes, they don't play nice together.

Frequently, would-be website owners hire a web designer without educating themselves first. They need a website for their Best Blue Widget store, they get some quotes, settle on a price and want to start the process immediately. With web design, as with any other important and potentially costly undertaking, it is wise to be patient. Making decisions hastily and lurching forward recklessly without first becoming an aware consumer, results in poor choices, poor execution, frustration, disappointment and cost.