CRS Carpet Cleaning SEO Case Study

Websessive recently began working with CRS Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance, a Vancouver carpet cleaning company. Getting this website found for local Vancouver searches has been a lesson in patience. With the company located in a suburb but most clients located in Vancouver, the challenge is being found for terms related to “commercial carpet cleaning in Vancouver”.  Because so many Vancouver carpet cleaners with physical addressess in the city have Google Local listings, competing in local search is roll-up-your-sleeves work.

What’s a web marketer to do?

Everything else is the answer. when we began, the site was receiving about 40 visits from organic search and didn’t have even the most basic optimization. What we found when we started:

  • Every page of the site used the same title tag
  • There were no headings or sub-headings
  • The website was largely over-optimized
  • Navigation was somewhat confusing
  • Homepage load time was several seconds scoring about 60/100 on Google Page Speed for desktop
  • Page urls contained underscores and used very generic file names, sometimes abbreviated names
  • The website had no blog
  • The website had little social media visibility

A couple of months after a first pass of editing content, re-organizing the page structure using unique title tags, headings, and sub-headings and encouraging the company to blog an increasing social signals,  the site is beginning to get relevant traffic, visits from organic search have tripled and visibility for industry-related keywords is good. The site is currently number 1 for “Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver”.

It began with an SEO audit

Most responsible Vancouver SEO companies begin with an SEO audit. Websessive went through every page of the site looking at title tags, descriptions, page structure, navigation, keyword repetition, over-optimization, internal linking, page load speed, 401 errors, URL canonicalization and the like. By the end of our audit, we submitted a 20+ page document outlining our findings and providing specific recommendations for improvement. Whether your company is doing carpet cleaning in Vancouver or selling widgets in in Timbuctu, the process would be largely the same.

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