September 2013

Google Plus 1 Google +1s may or may not increase ranking depending on whose Kool-Aid you drink. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post regarding a MOZ Google+1 correlation study sensationally entitled "Amazing Correlation Between Google +1s and Search Ranking". The article suggests (with its title) that a correlation exists between Google +1 shares and higher search ranking. Some took the MOZ article writer to task, including Google Web Spam Team head Matt Cutts who points out the error in logic and who went as far as saying that he'd "be skeptical of anyone who claimed more +1s lead to higher ranking".
Craigslist ad for web designIf you are considering hiring a freelance web designer in Vancouver, there are many to choose from and all are competing for similar clientele. I was on Facebook a few days ago and saw an ad for a web design company (a freelancer really) who was promising responsive, mobile-friendly design for around $900. Always curious about what other website designers are doing, I visited their website.
White board animation from fiverr There are a lot of kooky services on from women that will video themselves dancing whilst holding your company sign to people who will provide a fake review of your products and services. However, amongst the zany and risky there are some services that Vancouver small business website owners should consider. Two such services are explainer videos and whiteboard animations. Recently, we wanted a whiteboard video describing the benefits of our Vancouver web design services.