June 2013

On June 4th, Google's Vice President of Display Advertising, Neal Mohan, announced  "Google Web Designer" at thinkDoubleClick, Google's annual display advertising industry event.
Google Web Designer will empower creative professionals to create cutting-edge advertising as well as engaging web content like sites and applications - for free Neal Mohan, Google
There has been some speculation on the Web about exactly what Web Designer is. Some have described it as competition for Adobe's fairly new product Edge Reflow, which is a WYSIWYG rapid prototyping tool for creating responsive websites.
Since Google rolled out its Penguin update in April of 2012, there has been divergent opinion on exact-match anchors in on-page SEO efforts. I've read articles by some SEO specialists suggesting that exact-match anchors in on-page SEO is bad. Certainly, it is widely accepted that exact-match anchors (the text that is the link) are a bad thing if overdone in backlinks from external domains. In Google's view, it's not natural. A website would have diverse backlink anchor text. What about on-page anchors?